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Millstone bakery

Millstone Bakery is a local bakery in North Plano, Texas. They pride themselves on only using high-quality and fresh ingredients. Its goal is to provide superior baking products that exceed customer expectations.

Its primary focus is producing custom-made cakes for its customer's events, varying from weddings to graduation parties and birthdays.

Wedding Cake

My roles

Lead UX designer, UX researcher, and data analyst

Project duration

4 weeks

Design Process

work frame.jpg

Heuristic evaluation

Our journey began with a heuristic evaluation of the business and its current online presence. 

Millstone before.jpg

Main issues to be addressed:

Aesthetic and minimalist design

Color scheme, fonts, use of white spaces, quality of images, ...

Flexibility and efficiency of use

Complicated path and unclear user journey

Consistency and standards

disordered images, various face types, various styles ...

Match between system and real world

Outdated iconography, and design of shopping cart

Slide4 copy.jpg

Design features

Improve customer access

Ease of ordering/fixing a cake-tasting appointment

Reduce time and misclick rates to complete the task

Improve visual aspects of website

Decorating Cake

Competitive analysis

Slide6 copy.jpg


offering the customized cakes

local business (not overbooked)

offering catering services

Does not worth the effort

bulletin board

Can be improved


offering the possibility to order the customized cakes

improving webshop experince

offering delivery services


no calendar is available for reservation

outdated information

low-quality information about business

Card sorting and information architecture

Slide7 copy.jpg

Site mapping

Slide9 copy.jpg

Persona and her story


User flow

Pegah_Group5OD_P2_WO narration.jpg
mood boarrd.png

Wireframes and prototyping

Frame 35.png
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