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International Humanitarian Project


International Humanitarian Project


During 2023 and 2024, I was assigned as a UX/UI expert to consult on a few-million-dollar IT project for the internal use of an international humanitarian organization. 

Don't hesitate to contact me for an interview to discuss our outcomes. 


​This project was based on Microsoft (OOTB and Canvas app) technology. It was a result of collaboration between 6 different business lines, from UX design to Business analysts, from technology experts to project managers. In this collaboration, as a UX expert, I was involved in:

  • Contextual user research,

  • Identifying more than 15 user profiles and personas,

  • Organizing > 54 user research workshops,

  • Identifying >100 user journeys,

  • Improving client-consultant relationship,

  • Design a user-friendly solution,

  • Agile UX,

  • Organize and perform usability tests,

  • Design solutions based on Microsoft technology (Canvas app and OOTB),

  • UI design,

  • Creating e-learning material for change management,

  • Collecting user feedback and refining solutions.

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