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Web-based software

My client is a consulting firm in Switzerland that struggles with its internal skill-matching task. The overload of data flow, excess of unnecessary communication, and lack of data accuracy in the skill-matching process. The offered solution consists of web-based software focusing on employee skill management and improving the task force's matching process. The project aims to design a centralized internal platform to help the recruiting office enhance the internal matching process.

My Role

UX researcher, Lead UX designer and contact to stakeholders

My Responsibilities

User research, competitive analysis, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing, presenting to stakeholders, user journey

Project Duration

2 month

Design Process

Design process.webp

Research and Understanding

For the research part of the project, we already prepared three sets of questionnaires for different parties in this project, including recruiting team, people unit leads (PUL), and consultants. Apart from questionnaires, we had several one-to-one usability tests with each party to evaluate the status of the available solution for heuristic evaluation purposes. In the next step, affinity diagrams and main problems were detected.


Value proposition

Value proposition.png

Personas and user stories

The main user was identified as recruiting team, with the main task of skill matching for client opportunities. The secondary user group was categorized as informative users, including people unit leads (PULs) and consultants, to have limited access to the platform to check about the possible opportunities and status of the offers.

Main user

Frame 1.jpg
user journey 2.png
user journey 3.png
user journey 4.png
user journey 5.png
user journey 6.png
user journey 7.png
user journey 8.png
user journey 9.png

Secondary user

Frame 2.jpg
user journey PUL.JPG

User Flow

Main user
User flow Spaas.jpg
Secondary user
User flow PUL.jpg

Competitive Analysis and Market Search

Meanwhile, we have done lots of market research on possible and competitive solutions to find possibilities and necessities. 


Design Features

A list of design features was created after user research and market search were discussed with stakeholders to find the best set of requirements. Finalized requirements were prepared based on user needs and stakeholder capacity.

  • transparent presentation of available opportunities

  • in-system notification

  • in-system reaction

  • list of available skills and consultants

  • transparent presentation of current and past clients with the allocation of each employee in these projects

iMac_2 copy.jpg

UI Kit

Our UI kit includes iconography, color scheme, buttons, and components used in the design. For typography and cards, we used the Google material design system to ease the development of the final product.

ui kit.png

Design from sketches to Lo-Fi prototype

Moving from hand sketches to iterations in Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi prototype
paper sketch.png
iteration 1-1.jpg
MacBook Pro 14_ - 9.png
iteration 3-1.png
Opportunity page-1.png
paper sketch.png
iteration 1-2.png
iteration 1-3.png
MacBook Pro 14_ - 11.png
Employee list.png
iteration 3-2.png
iteration 3-3.png
Opportunity page- 4.png
Employee list.png
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